*SURPLUS* M1 Carbine - Original WW2 w/ Modern Folding Stock

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  • *SURPLUS* M1 Carbine - Original WW2 w/ Modern Folding Stock
  • *SURPLUS* M1 Carbine - Original WW2 w/ Modern Folding Stock


This is a Restricted Firearm.


These M1 Carbines were originally produced from 1941-1945. They would serve as a primary rifle for non-front line troops in the US Army. With examples of their issuance to: officers, radiomen, mortar crews, vehicle crews and even cooks to name a few. After 1945 and the end of World War 2 the M1 Carbine's numbers in service were greatly reduced by the US Army with the introduction of more modern weaponry.  In the late 1950's and through the 1960's many M1 Carbines were given to Israel from the United States as part of a Lend Lease agreement. Although they were initially used by the Israeli Defense Forces as an infantry weapon, they were soon transitioned out of front line service with the adoption of the M16 and associated variants. Over the years the M1 fell out of favour in any capacity with the Israeli Army and they were given to the Israeli Police in the 1970's. At some point many of them were fitted with a polymer folding stock as an attempt at modernization and improving ergonomics. It is unclear if the M1 is still in use by non-combat elements of the Israeli Police, but it is know that many of the M1 Carbines eventually found their way into service with the Mash'az volunteers(Israeli Civil Guard). It is not uncommon to still see members of the Mash'az, like tour guides and school custodial staff carrying M1 Carbines today. However, these Israeli M1's have finally hit the bottom tier of Israeli service and are beginning their transition into the civilian surplus market, including into Canada. This presents an unique opportunity to own an M1 Carbine that was in service in WW2 and went on to write an entirely new chapter in its service life.  

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