Barrel Lite - Inspection Device

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Firearms Inspection Made Easy!!

One Size Works for ALL calibers
Use "ANY" Form of light source
Room Light
Any lamp light source
Any Colored Light
Even Light from a Camp Fire
Never Replace Batteries or Bulbs
Uses Fiber Optics
No batteries needed
100% Maintenance Free
Easy on your eyes - Doesn't blind you so you can see clearly in the barrel


Handy Pocket Clip
Lightweight - Weighs less than an 1 oz.
Strong and Durable - 
Won't break if dropped
Won't turn Yellow - 
Uses high UHV plastic to protect against yellowing.
Manufactured in USA

FULL Lifetime Warranty.

  • Used by the DNR in the USA
  • Used by the Firearm Safety Instructors in the USA & Canada
  • Used by Hunter Safety Education Instructors in the USA, Canada, England, Norway, Germany, & France
  • Endorsed by the North American Hunting Club


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